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Spooky Box Club

I discovered Spooky Box Club ( on instragram and knew I had to try out their boxes! I started with February’s “Love” box and yesterday received March’s “Green Witch” box, both boxes are awesome, so much effort and thought has gone in to them, they’re packed full of lovely stuff and well worth the money, definitely my favourite subscription box so far. They really make you feel like a kid on Christmas (or insert alternative holiday here) morning :)

I’ll post unboxings for Feb and March boxes at some point over this Bank Holiday weekend.


Kawaii Box Unboxing

I’ve been getting a couple of geeky monthly subscription boxes for a while now and decided to have a quick look online a few weeks ago at unboxings… this is when I stumbled across Kawaii Box. A monthly subscription box filled 10 – 12 kawaii goodies from Japan and Korea.

As soon as I saw this I knew I had to sign up, I have a look at a few unboxing videos and blog posts and the boxes looked awesome, so cute and well… kawaii!

My first box arrived this morning, it’s always so exciting to open them as it’s liking getting a present every month as you don’t know what will be inside :)

The first thing you see when you open the box is a little postcard with a handwritten note on the back saying “Keep cozy & stay kawaii <3″, always nice to have a personal touch.

Here’s a photo of all the items..


So, in there we had

  • Panda squishy – This is cute, I love little cartoon pandas, will probably attach this to my bag
  • Happy Little Fish – A polka dot notebook with brightly coloured pages, always handy
  • Socks – Pink socks with white polka dots and a Hello Kitty-esque yellow bow on the top. I’m actually wearing mine now, they looked quite small but they fit fine. They’re kinda like trainer socks but a bit higher (if that makes any sense!?)
  • Sticky notes – These are in the shape of an artists palette and there are smaller ones in the shape of tubes of paint. These will be handy for marking pages in books/magazines etc
  • Cute Animal Friends set – A cute little set made up of a pencil case containing pencils, pencil sharpener, a rubber and a ruler. This will brighten my desk up at work :)
  • Pocky panda – cookies and cream pocky, yum! Gotta love Pocky especially when the packaging is so cute!
  • Ribbon – Crafting ribbon with ice creams and polka dots on, will be able to make use of this as I craft a lot
  • My Collage photo decoration seal – These are pretty corners and tops and bottoms to hold photos in to scrapbooks, again will be able to make use of these when cardmaking or something
  • Alpacasso – Adorable Alpacasso plush which has a zip at the top so you can keep coins (or other things) in it. It has a ball chain on the top so you could attach it to a bag or keys. I will use this as it’s just so cute and is lilac and teal (best combination it could have been for me)
  • Clip – A clip in the shape of the end of a pencil
  • Pen – A Metallic lilac polka dot pen, with almost a crown on top. Again, I love the colour combination (pretty much the same as the Alpacasso) and it will be a good pen to keep in my bag, much better than a boring bog standard pen

At the bottom of  the box was a flyer advertising their other website Blippo and a code for 10% off which could be dangerous as I could buy so much (and quite possible will, well it;d be rude not too now I have a discount code!)

The Kawaii Box is something I will most definitely be staying subscribed to. I think it’s really good value for money, it costs $18.90 a month which works out as £12.42 (you can buy longer term plans which make it a bit cheaper). Postage is included in the price and they ship anywhere.

The box was despatched on 27th Jan and arrived today so only took a week and half to arrive which is quite impressive.

To find out more or to subscribe yourself visit the Kawaii Box website.


(This post was not sponsored by Kawaii Box, I purchased it myself and thought I’d do an unboxing post)


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